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Ojai Wrap Pattern Tour

Ojai Wrap 4

Hi all, here’s a new pattern you may not have seen yet. It’s the very simple-to-sew Ojai Wrap from Justine Marie Patterns. I’m a bit partial to easy to throw on layers that add interest to an outfit and this wrap top fits the bill perfectly.



If you think you haven’t heard of Justine Marie Patterns, trust me, you know Justine – she is the very clever lady behind the Sew Country Chick blog and Sewing Rabbit contributor. This is her debut for sale pattern, but Justine has some amazing experience behind her – amongst other things, she designs and sews theatre costumes – seriously clever lady!

For the wrap I found a really light and flowy knit fabric in a local op-shop (thrift store). It’s definitely the lightest knit I’ve ever been brave enough to sew with. The sewing went very smoothly as this is a pretty straightforward top to sew. I was a little nervous about hemming such fine fabric, but I just went slowly with my double needle and it’s honestly one of the neatest hems I’ve ever done (high-five self). I finished the top in an afternoon and I’m definitely not the speediest sewer out there.


In a size small, my top was a little bunchy around the arms. I’m always between sizes as I have small shoulders and bust in relation to my waist and hips. I sewed a small based on my bust measurement, however, a medium sleeve fitted me better. The great thing with this design is that because there are no set sleeves, taking the sleeve band off, widening the armhole a little and attaching a new sleeve band is no biggie.

Here’s an action shot – see, the perfect top for playing aeroplanes!


Justine made a great version for colder weather and as we’re about to hit winter here in Australia – I’ll be sewing up a heavier knit version next. How snug does this look?!


Image courtesy of The Sewing Rabbit.

So there you have it. A really simple and cute top which will be a great addition to my wardrobe. This pattern would be a really good place to start if you’re learning to sew with knit – however, definitely choose fabric that is heavier than mine. Light knit fabric is NOT a good place to start if you want to keep your frustration levels down 😉

There is a pattern tour going on this week, so be sure to check over with Justine at Sew Country Chick to see some other inspiring versions of the Ojai Wrap (and I think you’ll find a giveaway there too). Thanks so much for having me on the tour Justine!