Hi and welcome!

Why are we here?  Well in mid-2012 I discovered an obsession with sewing and fabric that I never knew I had and I’ve been madly sewing ever since.

Nearest The Pin HQ is in a beautiful part of the world in the south of Victoria, Australia.

Other than sewing, I luuuuurve to travel. It’s my other big passion which is currently being stifled by these two cuties:) In my late 20s my husband and I lived in the UK, Belgium and Japan. We got married in a Scottish castle, climbed Mt Fuji and had plenty of fun with the language barrier.


I have a sewing secret weapon – my 89 year old grandmother Beryl. An ex-seamstress, she has amazing skill and is an absolute wealth of knowledge. I’d love to show you all a photo of the debutante dress she sewed for me aged 16 (beautiful), but the 90s hairdo i’m sporting is a no go.

I can be found rummaging around in vintage markets, out for coffee or hanging out with the kiddos.

I hope you’ll find something of interest here, Renee


One comment

  1. hello! Just found you through frances Suzanne… I am Victorian too!! I grew up in Warrnambool but am living with my family in Melbourne now:) nice to meet you! Suz:))

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