The Desert Rose and the tale of three photo shoots

Desert Rose 14

Desert Rose 12

This gorgeous dress pattern is the debut release from Caila Made – The Desert Rose. I was part of Caila’s testing group for this pattern a few months ago and since testing finished, she has been painstakingly perfecting the fit and finish of the pattern. 

Desert Rose 11

I just love the design of this dress – the simplicity and the impact are perfect. If you’ve seen the beautiful versions of the Desert Rose that Caila has made, the dress has a very summery look. However, with a bit of layering, like we’ve done here, this dress can definitely be worn in all four seasons.

Desert Rose 15Desert Rose 13

Caila has really taken her time to produce a high quality pattern. If you read her blog, you would know not to expect anything less. As the pattern goes up to size 8, I can see many more versions of the Desert Rose in Miss A’s closet. 

I can honestly say that this has been one of my favourite makes of the year so far. 

When a pattern designer is gracious enough to invite me to test, ask me to review a pattern or be part of a series, I want to do my absolute best to show my work and theirs in the best possible light. Good photos really make a blog. As a beginner photographer – I’m at that frustrating stage where how I want the photos to look is often beyond where my current ability lies. My first attempt at photographing this dress was on our recent holiday in Indonesia – perfect weather and location. Not sure where I went wrong with the camera settings, but everything was looking very washed out.

Desert Rose 21

Secondly we attempted a late afternoon shoot in a beautiful setting at the edge of a local forest. Some of these photos show promise, but after taking about 5 or 6, the camera ran out of batteries and apparently I had forgotten to charge the spare one -arrrrgh #rookiemistakes

Desert Rose 4

For those of you who regularly take photos of your kids, you will appreciate that it’s hard enough getting them out once to get photos of an outfit – but three times! Yes, I’m going to have to lift my game big time. Anyone empathise?

Desert Rose 22



  1. Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free puppy – hahahahaha Ok, now I got that out of my system, yes, taking pics of kids can be hard work! I don’t think I have ever had tree goes at a photo-shoot, but I had two one more than one occasion. The dress is lovely, and it can definitely be worn in colder weather! A has the cutest facial expressions!

  2. Such a cute dress and model. I’ve just brought, printed and tape the pattern together. It’s going to make the perfect dress for my Miss B. Thanks for the inspiration. And yes, I too have problems getting good photos of my girls in the clothes I make them.

  3. Well done on doing 3 photoshoots! My bubba definitely doesn’t like staying still, unless I sing to her, which I don’t always want to do in public :-p So I don’t always bother with taking modelled shots. Your daughter is adorable and the dress looks like a great layering piece.

  4. Yes!! Empathy plus! I’m really struggling to get decent photos at the moment – both of myself and my kids. I know I have a tripod stored away somewhere so am planning to dig that out when I get the chance. I have a bunch of unphotographed/unblogged makes to get on to haha!

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