Willow and Co. Hawthorn Sweatshirt

My Willow & Co. love affair is continuing. I’m not going to stop until I’ve sewn all 9 of these awesome patterns. Check out the snug and stylish Hawthorn Sweatshirt (snug as in snuggly, not tight fitting).

Hawthorn 6

Hawthorn 8

Hawthorn 1


This pattern was designed by Laura of Titchy Threads and Craftstorming. I’ve read many great reviews of her previous pattern, the Small Fry Skinny Jeans, commenting on her thorough instructions and impeccable drafting. I have to say that both are true for this pattern. Some of the techniques in this pattern are tricky – particularly getting the half zip and facings to sit neatly – but Laura’s instructions are great, she goes into plenty of detail and there are great photos.

Hawthorn 9

Hawthorn 4


As well as the half-zip version shown here there is also a full zip option. The split side seam (seen above) is also an option and is finished professionally with bias tape. The facing provides some opportunity to have some fun with the pattern – I used a blue and white stripe knit for the facing as well as for the pockets.

Hawthorn 7

This pattern is not quick to sew and certainly took me longer than I initially expected. However, the level of professionalism in the finished product is at a level that I am surprised I was able to achieve. In my opinion, it really is worth the investment of time. I’m really thrilled with the outcome and I know that the more of these I make the quicker I will get.

The only change I made to the pattern was to omit the ribbing on the sleeve cuffs – only because I couldn’t find any to match. I extended the sleeve pattern piece to what I thought was about the right length – they may be a touch too long, but good for keeping hands warm on cold days. This is the size 6, made for my newly 6 year old and I’m happy that this size will be roomy enough to get him through our current winter.

Overall: I love the overall result. I’ve leaned new techniques and pushed myself as a sewer. Each new Willow & Co pattern I sew becomes my new favourite. The Hawthorn is not a quick sew, but totally worth the investment of time in my opinion.

What about you – which Willow and Co. pattern are you sewing up next?



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