A Brynna Dress

In amongst my Willow & Co. sewing bonanza, I did manage to squeeze in a project for me. As much as I’m loving participating in blog tours and pattern tests, sometimes it’s really fun to just sew something because you want to and without deadlines. This is not a pattern I have seen anywhere else in the blogging world. It’s the Brynna Dress from Sew Liberated.

Brynna 1


The dresses that I’ve made for myself previously, the Saltspring, Washi and Date Night Dress are all very summery and I was looking for something a bit more trans-seasonal. The Brynna is just that – with a 3/4 sleeve and a short sleeve option. Meg McElwee, the talent behind Sew Liberated certainly has an excellent reputation as a seamstress and pattern maker. There have been many fantastic versions of her Schoolhouse Tunic pattern around the web. From what I can tell, I think the Brynna dress, along with the Myla Tank and the Aida Top were released late last year. I follow a LOT of sewing blogs, but somehow I missed the release of these patterns and only stumbled on them recently.

Brynna 2

I made this dress from a fairly heavy weight rayon. I love working with rayon – it’s slinky, but not at all difficult to work with. I didn’t do a muslin as I should have and you can see that the bust darts are too low for me, however the non-fitted nature of the bodice means it is not much of an issue.  I also did my usual trick of sizing up one size from my bust measurement and then finding that the bodice was too big. How many times I will do that I can’t say – seems to be a habit of mine…… Anyway, it all worked out in the end and fortunately I don’t ever choose really form fitting styles.


I’m pretty pleased with the end result. I’ve found this dress to be really versatile, I’ve dressed it up for dinner and also dressed it down with leggings and a denim jacket. I really like the collar detail, what do you think?


This pattern is only available in printed form – something I did not realise when I first planned to sew this dress. I originally wanted to make it for Mother’s Day lunch, but assuming I could download it as a PDF, I didn’t leave enough lead time for the pattern to be posted from the US. I’m a PDF pattern devotee – a pattern has to REALLY impress me for me to wait the lead time for postage. Please Meg, consider releasing your patterns in PDF form in addition to printed!!

One tip I have  if you’re making this dress. As the elastic waistband sits on the lower part of your ribcage, I suggest inserting your elastic, adjusting to the length that you think is comfortable and then securing with a safety pin. Wear the dress for a few hours to check that the elastic is still comfortable BEFORE finishing the elastic ends and finishing the dress side seam. In my experience, the elastic length that felt comfortable when I tried the dress on is actually a little tight on my ribcage after I’ve been wearing the dress for a few hours. It will be a pain in the b*#t to fix.

All in all, I’m happy with how this dress has turned out and I’ll definitely consider making the short sleeved version when the weather warms up. Do you have a favourite Sew Liberated pattern? I’m thinking I’ll get on the Schoolhouse Tunic bandwagon next assuming I can wait for the postage time!



  1. Lovely Renee 🙂 It IS a perfect dress for cooler weather. Thanks for the tip about the elastic! I think I told you how many times I re-sewed the casing for elastic on my Staple dress! I wish I knew this trick back then!

  2. This is lovely Renee – and in all honesty, I would have completely overlooked the Brynna, until your version 😉 I’ve always had a soft spot for her reading pillow – and gathering apron. I adore rayon but hadn’t thought of it as a cooler weather fabric, until now, so, 2 thank you’s from me today 😉

  3. I dot aht’sew too big thing’ too! I choose my size by going with the bust measurement, and it’s awlays too big. I’m just too scared of sewing something too small. But the last dress I sewed was a pain in the b*** to make smaller! And another one lies unfinished because of the same issue….
    Lovely dress – looks glamourous but easy to wear!

    1. Thanks Victoria. My caution comes from the Washi – where I did make a muslin and I did need to size up one size from my bust size. Although sizing down is a pain in the b**t, probably better than too small 🙂

  4. I love the collar detail and the color! And I do the same thing with my measurements! Why can’t we just trust our size? It’s a great dress! And did you color your hair? It looks darker and so cute!

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