Willow and Co. Aster Cardigan

Aster 1

If you’re a fan of Project Run and Play, as I am, you may remember a few seasons ago when Vanessa from LBG Studio competed. Do you remember this amazing outfit?



Image courtesy of LBG Studio.

I’ve been dreaming of that perfect cardi ever since. How lucky we all are that Vanessa, as part of the first Willow & Co. pattern collective, has released a pattern based on this cardigan. You can bet that as soon as the pattern collection was released the Aster was the first on my radar.



There is not a whole lot to say except – I LOVE THIS PATTERN and I’m going to make 10 more!! It’s really straightforward to sew – unless, like me, you have a very temperamental automatic buttonhole function on your machine, grrrrr. Other than issues with my machine, the cardigan came together really quickly. It hardly takes any fabric, only 70cms for the smaller sizes.


I made Miss A a size 3. This is a cropped and fitted cardigan, but I think I might make a size 4 width next time. She is quite broad chested – her measurements are almost the same as her 5 year old brother. I only had one of the navy and white striped buttons in my stash, so one button it was. Ha, and if I’d had to do more than one buttonhole I might have thrown my sewing machine out the window. I don’t really understand what its problem is – it sewed the test buttonholes on the scrap fabric perfectly, then on the cardigan it kept doing random things like sewing one side only…..

Are you on the Willow & Co. bandwagon? I certainly am! I tested the Ash Jumpsuit last month (catch that post here if you missed it) but now we’re heading into winter I’m thinking that some snuggly Hawthorn jumpers in fleece will be welcome additions to the kids wardrobes. If you haven’t seen the Willow & Co. Wunderlust collection, check out all the patterns here.

Have you got your Willow & Co. yet?


Thanks fans





    1. Ha, she’s cheeky. I took 98 photos of her (that is the actual number I downloaded off the camera) most were blurry or of her back because she would not stay still….that’s 2 year olds though 🙂

  1. Renee, I love this shade of blue! It looks adorable on her. And I totally felt the same way about the cardi and I’m so glad there’s a pattern. And I’ve made three of these already!

  2. Ohhh, those button holes!! But the result is perfect so I guess we move on, right 🙂 Your daughter is so cute!! My daughter is wearing her Aster to school today. I love that pattern too.

  3. Thanks so much for the lovely write up! So exciting to see the cardigan “in the wild” 🙂 love the blue you chose – gorgeous color! I’m not a fan of sewing buttonholes either – I think some of those pretty pearl snaps might be a good alternative. I’ll have to test that out and do a post on it if it works out well!

  4. Ha, love the bow at the end! She is so cute 🙂 This is the perfect little cardigan, love the blue, too.

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