KCW Day 3 and 4: Something for the boy

I love sewing for boys. I’m pretty lucky that this guy is still happy to wear things that I make for him – how long this will last I don’t know, but I’m enjoying sewing for him while I can. I’ve got an up cycle and a couple of stash fabric projects to show you today. Each of these project are super easy and quick to whip up – great staple sewing.





This tee is the Recess Raglan by See Kate Sew. It’s such a great staple pattern – I’ve sewn it before here and I love it! Β The stripe fabric was a thrifted womens long sleeve tee in about size 20 – giving me plenty of fabric to play with. I’m always on the hunt for striped knits – they seem to be hard to find where I live. Β I added a red pocket purely because this guy loves red and including it in the garment somewhere usually increases wear about 85%.


I promise the pocket was in proportion with the t-shirt when it’s at its full length, but looking at it here I think I might need to move it up a bit πŸ™‚

The pants are the Retro Sweatpants pattern by Elegance and Elephants. This pattern is fantastic and did I mention it’s FREE – yeh, get on over to her site and grab this pattern pronto! Navy is hard to photograph but trust me that the fit of these is great – he has room to grow and room to move, see exhibit A below:



Speaking of the lovely Heidi from Elegance and Elephants – I also whipped up one of her Stellar Vests. If you. like me, have a child who refuses to wear more than a t-shirt even on the coldest days, then I’ve found that vests are a great way to add warmth without the restriction of a jumper.


We’ve reached a compromise – he’s agreed to wear a vest and I feel better that he at least has 2 layers on πŸ™‚ A note on this pattern: I tested this for Heidi some weeks ago and my test version came out about two sizes too big. Heidi herself had this problem with one of the versions she sewed up too. After some research, she concluded that the knit I’d used did not have an appropriate stretch % for the pattern. She wrote a post detailing stretch % in great detail and has even included a printable stretch % ruler that you can take to the fabric store to ensure you buy something that will work well for this pattern.

I will admit though, that having to find fabric with the right stretch % did put me off sewing this pattern in the beginning. Mainly because knit fabrics are not that plentiful where I live and adding that extra requirement kind of put this project in the ‘too hard’ basket for awhile. That was until one day recently when I found a womens knit long sleeve tee in this grey and white stripe in Target. The fabric fit the bill perfectly and has great recovery.


So there we have it – three new pieces for O’s wardrobe. How is your KCW coming along?



  1. HI Renee, I love this and your little boy is so sweet. It does make me think I must start sewing for my son before its too late (he’s 8). But my sewing is a bit limited at the moment by time, and I still don’t have a camera! (working on that though). And I’m scared of knits! Do you have a serger/overlocker, or sew on an ordinary machine?

    1. Hi Victoria – thanks for your lovely comment. Each of these projects is really quick which is great if you don’t have much time. I sew using the stretch stitch on my machine and finish seams with my overlocker (sometimes I don’t even bother). Maybe starting with thrifted fabric is a good way to practice with knits – good luck!

  2. These are all great! I haven’t tried Heidi’s sweat pants pattern yet, but definitely need to. I could see my kids wearing them as they get out of the pool on chillier months. Everything turned out great! I love the stripes mixed with the solid bands on his shirt!

  3. I love all of these! So comfy and perfect for an active boy. And I’m a huge fan of finding fabric at thrift stores…in fact I think I may need to go this weekend for more knit!

  4. Great projects! I love them all. I usually resort to putting another tee inside a tee before Roman puts it on in the morning so that he will wear two layers…he doesn’t realise! I cannot get him to wear jackets either.

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