KCW Day Two: Petit Coco

I’m very excited to be kicking off Kids Clothes Week properly today – are you sewing along too? If you feel like joining in, you can sign up here and join us by sewing for an hour a day for your kids for one week (this week April 7-13). You can manage that right? You can be as ambitious as you please, or not, what ever you like πŸ™‚

I couldn’t resist sewing one outfit to go along with the ‘mini me’ theme. If you saw my pink Coco top that I posted a few weeks ago then you might already have spotted my inspiration for Miss A’s outfit – that’s right, I made a MINI COCO!





Mini me is all very well, but I didn’t want to make A’s version exactly the same as mine. Instead I made her a small version of the 60s funnel neck which is one of the options of the Coco pattern. Tilly’s Coco pattern is only in grown up sizes, so to make the petit coco I used Ottobre 1/2014 Owl Princess top in 92cms as the base. I created a boatneck shape and added the funnel neck and I’m pretty thrilled with how it worked out! The fabric is leftover French Terry from my Coco top. In fact, I’ve decided that this KCW is going to be all about recycled, upcycled and stash fabrics – I’m not buying any fabric for any of this weeks projects. This idea was also inspired by Laura, Abby and Celina’s Fashion Revolution sewing flash mob that’s happening this month, which you can read about here.

The jeans are a re-fashion. They were a pair of wide-leg 12-18 month size jeans. They still fit A in the waist but were much too short. To re-fashion the jeans, I created a slim leg and a wide cuff and something that was unwearable is wearable again.

Here’s a very quick how to: (1) use a pair of skinny pants/jeans to get an idea of the shape you want and pin your new seam line (2) baste stitch down the pin line and turn right side out (3) check the fit of the jeans (4) sew the seams with a normal stitch length and overlock/serge seams – Easy!!



Anyone for tea?





Need some more inspiration? Head over to the Kids Clothes Week site – everyone who’s sewing along will be posting their projects there this week. Come and join the fun πŸ™‚





      1. No, sewing machine is out, and although what once was my sewing room is now filled with boxes, I have a ‘sewing basket’. It’s been a while since I sewed on a dining table! haha I started working on a small project, but I only got as far as cutting my fabric. I was going to start sewing last night but I was too tired so just sat in front of a computer… for too long! Procrastination must be my middle name!

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