A Vintage Skirt

Doesn’t look particularly vintage does it? What am I on about???


It’s the fabric…..it’s been sitting on a bolt since the early 1960s waiting ever so patiently to be made into something.


See – isn’t it AMAZING!!! I found this little gem at a Trunk Show held by A Piece of Cloth. Jennifer is the owner and I declare that she may have the BEST job in the world. She travels the world sourcing antique and vintage fabrics and textiles and brings them back to Australia for all of us to discover.

From Jennifer’s website:

‘Each one of the textiles we stock is hand selected on our international buying trips based on the uniqueness and strength of the print. We specialise in pre 1960s cottons as well as silks, rayons, linens, wools and acetates. We do not stock polyester, nylon or acrylic fabrics and avoid blends. We believe in quality not quantity, and as such, many of our textiles are in very limited supply.’ 


Do you ever find a piece of fabric you love and just stand there staring at it – waiting for the inspiration to strike…….formulating a plan. Well, that was me at the trunk show. I bought what was left on the bolt, 1.2m and after this staring into space went on for a while (luckily I had no kids there with me, staring into space is a luxury only the childless can afford), I decided that a long skirt would showcase the fabric well. The skirt is floral on the front and plain black cotton lawn (2 layers) on the back. Jennifer advised that this was an early 1960s cotton  – probably about the newest fabric she had, some were dating back to the 1890s. I was amazed to find that not one of the fabrics had a musty smell (she told me she has her secrets).


I know that I should probably cut the skirt off shorter – but how can I…….there is no more of this fabric left anywhere, ever……. I really wanted to showcase it the best I could, without letting it wear me. Anyway, what do you think? chop it off? ***UPDATE – I did chop it off and re-loaded the photos 🙂

If you’re in Melbourne, Jennifer is having a Trunk Show on the 9 & 10th of May and I highly recommend going along for a rummage. There were no inducements for this post – I just think what she does is cool.



  1. Love it Renee! I believe fabric is dead on a bolt. It only comes to life when it is used for soemthing – clothes, home decore – whatever, as long as it is not just sitting around 🙂 This vintage piece finally got to see the light of day – and it looks great!

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