How far can you get with 1/2 a metre?

I impulse purchased some very cool ninja fabric recently from Lillestoff. I bought it with my 5yo son in mind, but I have a suspicious feeling that maybe I am more into ninjas than him…. When the fabric arrived (from Crafty Mamas), I was pretty happy to find that the fabric is 150cms wide. Now this stuff is quite pricey, including the postage it was about $25 for a 1/2 metre cut, but have you seen how awesome their prints are??!? and you are definitely paying for quality – this stuff is awesome πŸ™‚

Given the price – I decided to see just how far a 1/2 metre piece of this luscious knit could get me. Luckily I have a few nephews as well as my son to sew for. So without any further blabbering I give you:


3 ninja t-shirts


2 pairs of shorts….. Β and a partridge in a pear tree.

Pretty good hey. Just add 2 metres of chain fabric store red knit and a small amount of ribbing and you’re home.



The tee pattern is See Kate Sew’s Recess Raglan. I bought it specifically for this project, but I can see it getting lots more outings in my sewing room. I’ve used a few of Kate’s patterns now and I always find them well fitting and easy to sew. The shorts (I think pyjama bottoms is a better description) are Rae’s Big Butt Baby Pants. This pattern is for woven fabric but I just sized down to accommodate the stretch of the knit and it seems to have worked out fine.


I’m just a bit excited to have my camera back from being repaired – can you tell πŸ™‚

A BIG thank you to my sister in law and her two gorgeous boys for hanging out with me in their new pjs today. I’ll leave you with one more super cute butt shot…..




  1. Super cute. These great knit posts make me depressed about not having an over locker . All the things I could sew! Your new blog template looks lovely!

  2. By coincidence I just saw Craft Mamas Fabrics have some Lillestoff on special! Sadly not the ninjas…am currently trying to restrain myself and probably about to fail πŸ™‚ Great job with not much fabric! Love it for ideas on using up those odd leftover bits after making other stuff too…

  3. These are perfect!! And thanks for confirming that the quality really is worth it – I’ve been burnt buying knits online, so having a pictorial review of these awesome ninjas is brilliant πŸ˜‰

  4. Five pieces with fun ninjas! Super Renee, such fun print! It is a shame it turned out to be so expensive, but hey, sometimes it is nice to get nice fabric and make something special with it!

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