A floaty pink blouse – Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Pattern L

There seems to have been far too much kid sewing here on the blog lately – how did that happen? Some pattern testing opportunities and Kids Clothes Week I guess, but, good reasons aside, it’s time to put some balance back. Time to sew something for me 🙂


I recently pinned this cute top from Anthropologie


What you may not know is that there are no Anthropologie stores in Australia – I know right……how do we live here??!? Yeh, it’s tough.

I first found Anthro about 5 years ago on a trip to San Francisco and really loved the style. They do ship to oz, but really, the shipping prices don’t make it a viable option. So, what’s a girl to do…….um sew I guess 🙂

Here is my take on Anthro’s Field Midi Blouse using pattern L from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic (a Japanese sewing pattern book for women that is translated into English). I’ve had this book for a few months and I like the patterns, but I do feel they might be too boxy and shapeless. This pattern is for a tunic dress, however, cut off as a short blouse, I think you can still show your curves 🙂



It’s funny how photos can skew how the fabric looks in real life. This is a polyester georgette with hot pink polka dots – here is a better idea of what it really looks like.


I made a few modifications to the pattern, which is a one size fits most tunic dress. Obviously I cut the pattern off much shorter than in this picture, I also omitted the sleeves. The side seams needed to be taken in about 1.5 inches to give some shape – I think I could have taken even more than this off, but we’ll see how I like the look of the top as it is over time.


I was looking for a really neat way to finish the hem as the lightness of the georgette with a regular hem would be very noticeable. I was contemplating trying to figure out how to do a rolled hem on my overlocker/serger, but then I found that I have a really cool narrow hem foot on my sewing machine. WOW is all I can say about that!! So neat and easy to do, I’m seriously in love with this foot – might put a narrow hem on everything from now on 🙂


Just for interest sake:

Anthro top + shipping = $163 US/$180 AUD

My knock off = $15 AU for material (I used a 40% off voucher for 2.5m of polyester georgette from the local chain fabric store) + $3 AU for thread. The pattern book and the button were from my stash.

What do you think – a successful knock off?



  1. I love it! I have this book and haven’t sewn a thing from it yet! I love the modifications you did to this pattern, I might just have to copy you!

  2. Is it a successful knock off? Yeah baby, yeah! I love those tunics/dresses on others, but when I put something like this on myself I look like… I don’t know what… I look shapeless and just yuck! I think by shortening the tunic (among other modifications) you make it look very feminine and fun. Love it! Too bad it might be too cold for it on Wed 😉

  3. Geesh, that would’ve been an expensive top! Love the color you chose more. I might have to finally get that book. I want to sew more for myself but don’t know where to start sometimes. Can’t wait to see more sewing for you!

  4. It looks so feminine and flowy! Great job on the knock-off. I’m also a big fan of Anthropologie and I have the luxury of living just a few miles away from a store! But the prices can be too much for some things, so I try to sew my own version as well!

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