Pattern Tour – The Knight Hoodie goes Ninja (and a discount code)

Oscar Ninja 2

Before Christmas I pattern tested the ingenious Knight Hoodie pattern for Elizabeth over at Charming Doodle. I said then, and I still say now, that this pattern should win the award for the coolest pattern release of the year! We all know that sewing for boys presents a few more challenges than sewing for girls – fewer pattern choices and fewer fabric choices to name two. That is why I jump for joy when a great pattern comes along that both my son and I can get excited about.

As I previously made a traditional knight version of the hoodie in red here, I decided to mix it up a bit for this tour and show some of the pattern’s versatility – using a bit of imagination!! (ninja pattern pieces are not included with the pattern, however, there will be a tutorial coming here in the next few days).

Yikes, photographing black is tricky, bear with me folks! My camera is being repaired and I’m clearly not doing a great job with this borrowed one 😦



My thoughts about the Knight Hoodie:

As an intermediate sewist, I didn’t have any big problems putting the hoodie together. The instructions include big glossy colour pictures and I found them easy to follow. I have decided that I really like working with fleece – it is stretchy yet thick enough not to move around too much. My machine handled the multiple thicknesses of fleece very well. I used a ball point needle and didn’t break one which I was surprised about as it gets pretty thick in some places.

Be aware that, in my opinion, the sizing runs a little large. My son is 5.75 years old and is 120cms (47in) tall putting him near the top of the height for age chart. I sewed up a size 5 and there is plenty of room for him to grow.

Other than the generous sizing, I have nothing but good things to say. You can get very impressive results for some not very difficult sewing. Once you’ve made a knight version for all the boys and girls you know – how about a dinosaur version? animal ears? Of course, you can take all the armour pieces off too and you have a really great basic hoodie pattern.

A few tips for success:

To make your hoodie look really professional, it is important to make sure the seams where the hood joins onto the jacket and where the ribbing is attached line up on both sides of the zipper. This can be a bit tricky! I found it helpful to sew the first side of the zipper as per the instructions. When inserting the second side, I basted the zipper in place using the largest stitch length I have – this makes tweaking the position of these seams quite easy – just unpick that part of the seam and re-pin. Once you are happy, you can sew again with your normal stitch length.

Don’t be tempted to sew too close to the zipper teeth as you might on other garments. Yes this gives a very professional look, but the fleece has a habit of getting stuck in the zipper making it difficult for little hands to get the zip undone.


Want to sew you own version of the Knight Hoodie? Head over to Charming Doodle’s pattern shop here and use the discount code Nearest for $2 off the pattern during the pattern tour – thanks Elizabeth!! This pattern tour has only just begun, there will be plenty more inspiration coming your way, be sure to check Elizabeth’s blog over the coming days to see some other fantastic Knight Hoodies. There will be a tutorial here in a few days on how to turn your Knight Hoodie into a Ninja.

knight hoodie tour 725 x 247



  1. This is fabulous! And you did a wonderful job photographing the black – great tree! I think it might get Mr 5’s thumbs up here too. thanks for the review (& discount!)

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