Kids Clothes Week – dipping my toe in the Ottobre pool

So I did get a couple more small projects done for Kids Clothes Week last week. If you’re new to the concept, Kids Clothes Week goes on 4 times a year and challenges us to sew for one hour a day, for a week, for our kids. To make it more fun, everyone who wants to participate can share their creations over on the Kids Clothes Week website – right there is one amazing place for some sewing inspiration.


Please excuse the bad quality photo – it’s from my instagram feed. The reason these were not blogged last week is because my camera decided it needed a good lie down and is now in the hands of the professionals – fingers crossed!!!

The leggings are my first attempt at an Ottobre pattern – I love the magazines that these patterns come in, but I must admit to being slightly intimidated by the pattern sheets. See exhibit A (also from my Instagram feed).Image

However, crazy pattern sheets aside, I’ve been seeing some great Ottobre sewing out there particularly from Sabra, Laura and Lauren and this was enough to give me the push I needed. Ottobre pattern sizing for children is based on height.

Ever tried to measure your two year old? Ever successfully measured your two year old? Thought not….

Toni over at Make It Perfect has come to the rescue and put together this guide to give you an idea of what size (in centimetres) you should sew, based on your child’s age. This was a great help to me and gave me the starting point I needed. These leggings are size 92cms, which is roughly for a 3 year old. The pattern is the Tiny Path leggings from Ottobre Winter 6/2013. I found it slightly confusing that you have to add seam allowance to the pattern, but the hem allowance is already added. Hopefully it is just a case of getting used to them. I’m really happy with how these turned out – they are a quick and easy sew and have plenty of growing room for my 2 and a half year old.

I realise that leggings do not make the most exciting blog post – definitely going to try a more adventurous pattern next time 🙂


The skirt is self drafted and couldn’t really be any simpler. It’s just two rectangles of fabric with a casing at the top and some elastic.


The second and final KCW project is another Little Betty top. Love this pattern so much and this time I made a size 4 for my niece who missed out during the last Little Betty instalment. I have reviewed this pattern here and my thoughts on it haven’t changed. I’m planning to try a dress version next.



Not really taking on the world with this post, but hey, that’s what KCW is for isn’t it, getting some staples into the kids wardrobe? How did your Kids Clothes Week go?



  1. Love the whole lot! Well done! Your Little Betty tops are just perfect 🙂 I too am planning on making a dress version 🙂

    Where can one get Ottobre from? Just newsagencies?

  2. These are very cute basics & that’s what KCW’s all about for me too, getting some everyday handmade into my daughter’s wardrobe. I used to not mind tracing the Ottobre’s, think I’m getting lazier with so many cool indie pdf patterns around though, doesn’t often seem the need for me to bother anymore!

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