Secret Squirrel Mission #7 Sew Along

A long long time ago…..


a brave knight of the red realm set off to rescue a damsel


It was a long and arduous mission, but he was brave and true.




After his mission was complete, he decided it was far too hot to be wearing a hoodie…… and if he really thought about it, he much rather prefers Star Wars to knights, so..


he opted for a more weather appropriate outfit and decided his new occupation would be to whack plums off the tree with a cricket stump.



and they all lived happily ever after. The End.


Wow, please excuse the length of this post – we had a bit of fun with this 🙂 This is my sew along for this months Secret Squirrel challenge which was set by Jenya back in early December. I not very eloquently explained Secret Squirrel in my last sew along post here, or you can read all about Secret Squirrel here. There are 5 ‘acorns’ of inspiration given that are to be incorporated into an outfit and this month’s acorns were:


1. St. Basil’s Cathedral 2. snowflake 3. buttons 4.Harry Connick Jnr. 5. ‘A long time ago’

So, firstly to the knight hoodie – this is the new pattern just released by Elisa of Charming Doodle. I think it hands down wins the award for coolest pattern release of the year! I was lucky enough to test this pattern for Elisa and trust me when I say, this is the first of many of these that I will be sewing up. The hoodie accounts for two acorns, ‘A long time ago’ and ‘buttons’.

Next up, I was trying to think how to tackle the ‘snowflakes’ acorn on an outfit for a boy….. hmmmm….. I came up with the ice planet Hoth from Star Wars. This is represented by the white t-shirt. The silver figure painted on the tee is one of the AT-AT fighters found on the planet Hoth.


This tee was a refashion – I changed it from long sleeve to short, changed the neckline and freezer-paper stencilled the figure.

Next I faced the Harry Connick Jnr acorn – this was quite a challenge!! As this outfit needed some pants/shorts or something to cover his bum – I took inspiration from the very cool suits that Harry is usually sporting. I wanted to recreate his slim suit pants but in a wearable form for a kid. So, I found some awesome grey-blue denim at Joy’s (no online store) and cut out the Nowhere Man pants from Shwin & Shwin. I slimmed the leg down as this pattern has a slight flare and I stuck with a size 4 to give a fitted look. I’m so happy with how these came out and I can see them getting a lot of wear.


Phew, not done yet….. I originally thought that the red of the hoodie could count for the St.Basil’s Cathedral acorn (the flag of Russia is mostly red, the Cathedral is in Russia… done), but after laying awake thinking about it, I wasn’t at all happy with this. The Cathedral looks amazing in photos and I felt I could do a much better job of this acorn. So, here is my St. Basil’s Cathedral inspired dress:


This is the Popover Sundress from Oliver & S sewn in knit. The colours of the yoke panel represent the colours of the cathedral spires. The idea for this dress came from an awesome version that I saw over on Hungie Gungie a while ago, so I can’t take the credit for it. Erin’s version is gorgeous and I’ve been wanting to make my version of it for ages.


So there you go, 4 items of clothing for 5 acorns and a very long post. I’ve loved the challenge of Secret Squirrel yet again and I think there are some wearable pieces here – win and win!



  1. Great outfits! that jacket is so cool – love the buttons. I can’t believe you’ve kept up with the sew along – and doing 5 acorns!

  2. Adorable stuff!!! Thanks for linking (and liking) my knit popover- isn’t it fun to sew one in knit? Now you’ve made me want to make another! 🙂 p.s. I am REALLY digging those pants on your boy- they look perfect!

  3. Amazing! I love all your pieces (especially the knight…lol)! I have never tried to freezer paper stencil anything but I just love how you did it! I’ll have to try it too.

  4. Great job, Renee! The knight hoodie is awesome! If only I had a boy…(or my girls were not so girly…) I’m still working on SS sew along this month and the outfit is totally different from yours! How fun!

  5. This is amazing! love it all! It’s great to see an inspiring outfit for a boy – and makes me think I must start sewing for my son. He would definitely LOVE an At-At T-shirt, maybe even a knight hoodie. (he’s almost 8, so getting a little more grown-up in his taste). And that little dress is so simple but lovely. I really love your creativity!

  6. Hi, I’ve just found your blog and have been enjoying reading the past posts and admiring all your wonderful creations. I’m a Melbourne sewist too 🙂 with a small person to sew for (which I don’t do often enough). I’m now inspired!

  7. I have been waiting for Star Wars-ey interpretation! Yay! The outfits are fantastic. and that hoodie – wow and wow! Love your son’s tee (I am a huge fan of Star Wars). Maybe next time we meet LM and your boy can play cricket (or cricker as she calls it) together and then we can whack some plums as well 😉

  8. OMG!!! A red knight. Totally awesome. I’m in the process of making one, so was just checking out others for inspiration. Wish I’d known Knights come in red too, mines a cool, classic, black knight.

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