Simple Kids Art Fabric Gift Tags

A big part of the joy of the Christmas season is in the preparation. I’m always on the lookout for simple and fun ways to involve the kids in the preparation. Think of it as delegation as well as a fun way to add personalisation to your Christmas wrapping.


The kids had great fun drawing their little hearts out. The result is a very personal gift tag that can be used as an ornament in future years. ย I have personalised our gift tags with the recipient’s name and a personal message on the flip side.



This idea was inspired by Dana Willard’s contribution in the gorgeous book Hand In Hand – crafting with kids by Jenny Doh. You can see a post about Dana’s project on her blog here. Dana and her kids made ornaments by stamping with fabric paint onto fabric – I have taken that idea and modified it a bit to make the nearest the pin version.

To begin I grabbed an old sheet, spread it on the table and gave the kids free reign to draw. We used Pentel Fabric crayons which become permanent on the fabric once ironed. These are easy for the kids to handle and the colours look great.



Once the art was complete, I cut out the drawings and a matching piece of sheet to act as the backing piece. To give the gift tag some extra stability, I ironed interfacing to the back of the drawing. I then stitched the two sheet pieces, right sides together leaving 3-4cms for turning at the top of the picture. After the tags were turned right side out, I then topstitched to close the opening and to attach a ribbon loop. Done!

I hope this inspires some Christmas creativity at your place!

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