My ‘finish what you started’ challenge

My fabric stash and pattern hoard have been getting a bit out of control of late. It’s certainly a challenge when all these talented indie designers keep coming up with such appealing patterns – I want to sew them all! So I gave myself a little ultimatum this week – finish up your half done projects with the resources on hand, no new fabric or pattern purchases until this is done (Deal? deal).

So here is the first outfit from the ‘finish what you started’ challenge. I can’t even tell you how long ago I cut this top out, a few months at least. It got buried under the ‘in progress’ pile and was promptly forgotten. So glad I found it!!



Both items are made from free patterns/tutorials which are readily available on the web. The top is the Reversible Wrap Top pattern and tutorial by Jess of Craftiness Is Not Optional for Birch Fabrics. It’s available in three sizes and also gives instructions on how to draft one yourself using a t-shirt if you need a size not already provided. The top is fully reversible and (in my opinion) is really cute on little girls:)

Here is the reverse side.


The only change I made from the tutorial was on finishing the bottom of the top. Jess recommends to fold up and iron both layers of the top and then topstitch to close. I found it almost impossible to line the two bottom pieces up using this method so I turned the top inside out, stitched along the bottom leaving a 5cm or so gap to allow turing. I then topstitched to close. This method worked really well for me.

The co-ordinating fabrics are from a thrifted doona/duvet cover that my mother-in-law gave me. She is no longer surprised when I tell her that the lovely sheet/doona whatever that she found has been sliced up and made into something else!



The capri pants are made fromย this tutorialย by Jess of The Sewing Rabbit. The pattern was drafted from a pair of pants that A already owns. The fabric is a lightweight denim from my stash, which I originally purchased at Joy’s Fabric Warehouse (no online shop). The fabric for the covered buttons is from a vintage pillowcase that I bought from my favourite vintage market which you can read all about here.

The tutorial is very straight forward, especially if you have put together pants before. This is the second pair of kids pants I have made with a waistband and button but no elastic. It works well if you can get the measurements right, however, my 2yo is not often cooperative in the clothes trying on/measurement department, so it’s very tricky. Next time I would add elastic to the back of the waistband as I think it helps get more wear out of the garment too.

Overall I’m very happy with how this outfit turned out – it was worth the wait!!

As the weather has been so unseasonably cool, I decided to try and set up a backdrop inside to take these photos. All well and good, but as you’ve no doubt noticed, getting the 2yo to stand in front of it is quite a challenge!!

So time to fess up…., how many half completed projects in your to do pile?

Oh mum do I have to stand here one more minute…..




  1. Great timing- I plan to make one of these cino wrap around tops for my niece for christmas. It looks really lovely on your girl! My ‘to start’ list is much longer than my ‘to finish’ list. Looking forward to the christmas break for some serious sewing time!

  2. Both the top and the pants are gorgeous! Love the buttons on the pants (I am that crazy button lady that swoops all the cool buttons she comes across haha).

    Just before Easter I started making a bunny softie for LM… It is still in the ‘To Finish’ pile, as well as a skirt I started making for myself for my B’Day in July. I think if I dig deeper I will discover some other projects hehe

    I had heater on last night and this morning. I hope warmer weather is not far away. I have made a lot of spring/summer clothes for LM already, we just need some sunshine so she can wear them ๐Ÿ™‚

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