The Victory Satsuki

Sooooo my Kids Clothes Week was hijacked by the fickle Victorian weather – the weather forecast for this past weekend was looking very bleak meaning that my plan to wear my new Saltspring dress to our friends’ wedding was not going to happen. Hence a sewing emergency – I needed something just a bit warmer and I needed it quick!


I had this lovely cotton voile sitting in my stash from my last trip to Tessuti in Melbourne and so I decided to try the Satsuki top/dress pattern from Victory Patterns. This is a pretty straightforward project, there are no closures to tackle, however sewing the curves on the sleeve edges takes some concentration. The facing gives the neckline a very smooth finish.



I do love the idea of this top, however, I am feeling like it overwhelms my figure. As I didn’t have time to make a muslin, I erred on the side of caution when choosing the size to sew (i.e. the larger of the two sizes that I was between, this is a size 10) but clearly the smaller size would have been fine. I also think some shaping at the bottom of the tunic would help the tunic feel less mumu-like.

To keep things real over here – this top never did make it to the wedding. On Saturday morning I sat down to finish the sleeve edges with 3 hours until we needed to leave. The kids were staying with my parents. What could possibly go wrong here?!? Yup, the power went off and stayed off for the next 3 hours. The top could not be finished, I could not blow-dry my hair, I couldn’t even iron something else to wear. A first-world drama situation to be sure! In the end, the power came back on just 10 minutes before we needed to leave. At least I was able to iron the alternate dress I was wearing.

Now to get back to all the kids sewing projects I have still sitting here unfinished!



  1. Sorry I had to giggle reading about the first world emergency πŸ™‚ The top is lovely πŸ™‚ The weather has been crazy! We have gone from 15 degrees to 30, then back to 15 in less than a week!

  2. I really like it Renee. Though I know what you mean about feeling swamped, I feel like that with some patterns too. I was going to buy this pattern to make to wear to a party recently but then I changed my mind to the Ava top, which is lovely too. Have you tried that one?

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