KCW: a 15 minute skirt and 20 minute leggings

A super simple project today to get my Kids Clothes Week underway. I have been working on a bigger project which has become a bit onerous and was sapping my will to sew. I needed something quick and fun.


A short and simple outfit deserves a short and simple post. The skirt is self drafted (self-drafted being a much too flattering term for the simplicity of this project!). I was inspired by Kelly’s Fat Quarter skirt post here – you can find a tutorial there if you are interested. I differed from Kelly’s tutorial in that I created a casing for the elastic waist. This project is seriously simple and an easy way to add some fun colour to an outfit. The skirt is one fabric piece, sewn up the side. A casing is sewn around the top, elastic inserted and casing sewn closed. Hemmed and done. The fabric is Confetti by Prints Charming which I found at Spotlight.



The leggings are my favourite leggings pattern, the Everyday Leggings from the ‘Growing Up Sew Liberated‘ book by Meg McElwee. The size 2 pattern fits this 2 year old perfectly. There is not much else to add except to say that once you have made a few pairs of these, you can easily get them done in 20 minutes a pair.

A note on sewing with knit fabrics – a ballpoint needle and a stretch stitch make the world of difference if you have these available, especially for the seams that will be under the most stress. I use a double needle for hemming and I think the professional look it gives makes it worth the hassle of winding cotton onto a second bobbin.

So, how is your KCW going? There is a wealth of sewing inspiration over on the Kids Clothes Week website if you’re interested.

On another note, Nearest the pin is now on Facebook here – hope to see you there πŸ™‚

High fives all round!




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