One Washi is certainly not enough

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Of course one Washi would never be enough and given that I am not a huge dress wearer, I thought I would give the tunic version a go.

There is not much to say about this pattern that has not already been said. I have sewn a straight medium both times except I added a little length to both the dress and the tunic as I’m 5’10”. I originally added the little cap sleeve that is included in the pattern but I preferred the tunic without it.

The fabric is a cotton poplin from Spotlight. Now I’m sewing clothing for myself I think it is time to invest in some higher quality fabrics to reflect the time and energy I’m investing in making clothes.





What next? Maybe a Washi Maxi Dress. Although if there is something that defines me as a sewer, it would be a need for variety and I’ve been eyeing off some lovely versions of both the Saltspring Dress and the Date Night Dress. Stay tuned…



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