A Washi dress and a conundrum

After seeing so many gorgeous Washi dresses and tunics out there in blogland, I decided to sew up my own. I didn’t have a project in mind when I bought this floral cotton from the clearance table, but I’m glad I decided on a Washi dress. As the fabric is quite sheer, I followed Rae’s great video tutorial to add a bodice lining, for which I used a white cotton lawn. Looking back over at Rae’s site, I just realised that my pleats are opposite to hers…. lets call it a creative liberty shall we!


So to my conundrum……. as a fairly new sewer, it’s sometimes hard to take a compliment even when it smacks you in the face!

Last week I wore my Washi out to lunch and while browsing in a boutique full of lovely handmade children’s clothes, the store owner (the sewer of these lovely creations) came straight over and complimented me on the dress I had made. She wanted to know all about how the lining was done and we had a lovely chat. Great! Yeah, except for feeling shattered that she could spot my handmade dress at 10 paces. My initial reaction was to want to run home and change as I felt like I had a big sign on my back saying ‘Look what I made!!’.

Wearing handmade can be a challenge and it often requires courage to step out the door in something you made yourself, especially in the beginning. The challenge for me is to try to focus on the positive of her comments and NOT focus on the fact that she could see it was handmade. I am sure that the store owner’s compliment was genuine so I’ll be plucking up my courage again – wish me luck!



  1. Just wanted to say you should look at it as a compliment! The lady realized you had a style not available in the shops! Creative people can spot another anywhere ;D

  2. I love your washi, I found you by searching washi reviews, though interestingly I’d spotted yours the other day on flickr or pinterest & you jumped out amongst a sea of washis because I’ve made pj pants for myself from the same fabric! The shopkeeper may well have recognised the fabric also 🙂 Anyway you’ve prompted me to try it because it does look so good, you’ve said it’s a quick sew & we have fairly similar figures & I’m nearly your height. And in the small world of blogland I see lovely Jenya has left a comment! Off to hum it’s a small world now 🙂

    1. What a lovely comment to receive Shell! Thank you so much!! Good luck with your washi – it is an easy sew. I’ll be sure to check your blog to see how you go. I met Jenya in person recently, she’s the best 🙂

  3. it’s a gorgeous washi! And I agree – if she’s anything like the awesome bloggers I’ve been lucky enough to meet in person, she may have recognised not just the material, but the pattern! I almost stopped a girl to compliment her on her Belladone until I realised it was more likely to be RTW as the fit wasn’t as awesome as the others I’d seen 😉

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