Something for the ninja of the house

You’ve got to love a cross-functional piece of sewing. In this case pjs and/or ninja dress up. The little ninja loves them and that’s what matters, right? Being 5, his stipulations for clothing are (1) as much red as possible and (2) anything to do with star wars, ninjas or power rangers. So, we are on a winner here!


I sewed these during Summer Kids Clothes Week in July. The patterns for the cross-over top and pants are from Meg McElwee’s book Growing Up Sew Liberated. I simply added some belts made from ribbing.


The sizing was spot on for this tall and skinny 5yo (size 5). A great quick and easy project.

Cue some ninja moves…




  1. Great to see your new blog! Well done on getting it up and running. Your first two projects are great – and I’m so impressed they are both in knit fabric!! I look forward to following your projects. PS – where in Belgium did you live?! x

    1. Thanks Laura, you are too kind! I’ve been a big fan of your blog for ages, especially your Liberty projects. I lived in Brussels and my son was born there. Certainly miss being able to drive to Paris for the weekend! Thanks again for your encouragement, Renee.

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