Waterfall Blouses to beat the winter blues.

Firstly, welcome to Nearest the Pin! I’m excited to share my sewing exploits with the www and connect with other bloggers. Sewing bloggers have been, and continue to be, a huge inspiration to me and I am hoping to return the favour in a small way.

Lets start with something simple. Desperate for some colour in my winter wardrobe, I whipped up some bright Waterfall Blouses in knit fabric. These were the first knit versions of this pattern I have made. As Toni kindly suggested in the pattern’s instructions, I went down one size (small). I have made this pattern previously in cotton and the medium worked perfectly. Β ImageImageImage

I’ll be layering these over a long sleeve top and under a jacket. Perfect for the kinder run!


I loved Toni’s version in a striped knit. I think I will try a striped version next.

Check out my super cute photographer. We have a bartering system to exchange his photography skills for a few games of Guess Who. Not a bad deal!




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